Marketing strategy

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What is a Marketing Strategy? Marketing strategy includes how to enter the market, what products and services, when to do it, how to sell, how to let your target audience know you are in the market. The essence of marketing strategy is thoughtfulness. Generally, the bigger a company is, the longer it is to describe your marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is always unique and secret. No matter if you want to get a description of the marketing strategy of a large company or brand, you can only do so if your responsible marketing behavior does not meet professional expectations. Website design and marketing strategy A common problem is that some smaller or even larger companies do not have a description of their marketing strategy. It turns out that when we start designing a website, the question arises as to what we want to say about ourselves and what target audience we want to win. Tomorrow's planning always begins with an overview of your marketing strategy. Marketing strategy varieties 1. 4P Marketing Strategy 4P is an abbreviation of four English words starting with p: - Product - a product or service - Price - price - Place - place - Promotion - PR, advertising, social media This marketing strategy is one of the most commonly used. Designing a good marketing strategy is a big job because 4P must be consistent. 2. 4C Marketing Strategy A 4C marketing strategy is also an acronym for four English words. In contrast, instead of describing the 4P marketing strategy, 4C focuses on how the consumer views the product. 4C stands for: - Customer value - the value given by the consumers, ie the reference price - Convenience - the convenience of using a product - Cost - Communication - communication, including advertising and customer service. What is the winning marketing strategy? Each product or service will have a different marketing strategy. Some people are repulsed by push, push strategy, others are completely overwhelmed by it. The marketing strategy is constantly changing. Large companies review their strategies annually.