Search engine optimization process

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Analysis of coding

We look at the home page, category pages, and product pages of various aspects of search engine optimization.

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Analyzing the content of the page

We analyze all the content and blog posts found on your web page. We suggest updating or pausing or deleting those things that are worthy of attention.

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Investigate inbound and outbound links

Artificial link building is penalized by Google's algorithm, so poor quality links should be checked separately and removed if necessary. We suggest you buy useful links.

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Competitor analysis

This is an important cornerstone of a good search engine optimization strategy. For the most important keywords, we periodically perform (by agreement) basic SEO analysis and link testing of TOP competitors.

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Formulation of purpose

We describe the SEO bugs to be corrected and the modifications needed to achieve results, which we support by consulting. We won't let go of your hands!

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We set up a strategy

We define the tasks needed to reach the most important goals, and determine the time and important deadlines to accomplish the task.

Be ahead of your competitors

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Saturated Google search order

Due to the fierce competition in Google search, intuitive search engine optimization is too risky for your website.

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Better quality advice

Nowadays we find competing websites that are increasingly optimized in all search channels, often with excellent content. Compete with them!

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We are excellent experts

Trust us! With custom tools, besides search engine optimization that meets all your needs, we also offer advanced solutions that many people are unaware of.

Let’s work together!

Defeat your competitors with professional Adwords, Facebook and SEO campaings! We offer perfect website making, optimized for all devices!

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Why SEO is important?

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Excellent seo strategy

A solid search engine optimization strategy, proven in practice, can deliver the most serious results by persistent and continuous implementation.

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Appearance on different devices

You need to follow trends if you want to keep up. More than 60% of today's searches are done on mobile phones, so it's important to have a device-friendly look.

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Quick website

There is still not enough emphasis on this, although in our fast world, seconds matters the most. A page that needs more than 3 seconds to load, will not be viewed.

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Properly indexed pages

Low indexing means that a large portion of the entire sitemap is not indexed by Google. We will help you with a high quality Sitemap!

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Good quality inbound links

For a domain or a specific subpage, the quality and quantity of inbound links is a very strong positive signal for the visitor to the site and in many cases is an important measurement for Google.

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Seo friendly URL design

It's important to have a URL that is robust and easy to understand for Google's crawlers. If these links are inappropriate, they can be fatal for the site for search engine optimization.

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